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Social Credit Simulator.

What is the problem ?

The Post Covid-19 crisis is just the beginning


We live in a globalized world, full of changes.

Earth doesn’t support our human way of life, climate change, economy collapse, hunger, poverty, health crisis like, pandemics.


Using exactly the same tools to repair our world the same way will not have better results.

You should know that everything we’ve learned from our school and society wasn’t good enough.

Re-think Economy

A solution that fits the moment

1 Billion people will lose their current jobs

People between 25 to 45 years old, educated, qualified, conscious, global, engaged with a life purpose.

Sustainable is essential

People will look for better stock markets options and direct vesting ventures. Options based on the old economy will become the least atractive. Local, sustainable, green, transparent and inclusive companies will prove to be the best options.

International Accountability

Partnerships with Portugal and Estonia. E-residency program, startup visa, and other options to build and
leverage ventures across the globe in the areas of education, agriculture, fashion and health

Tested, awarded and ready to go

Our initiative starts with a successful partnership with Shimejito Mushroom Farms, 8 farms, 1 factory and a waiting list. Organic food produced locally in indoor farms, generating hundreds of local jobs.

Our Advantages

The best services, an innovative algorithm, trust

X, Y, Z Generation

We have a massive group of
customers in a wide range of age
groups, That is why our services are
customized, built to fit their needs.
We know value for a lifetime. We
create bonds to last, against
unsustainable markets and based on
collaborative, transparent


From digital and educational services
to agriculture as a service.
This means people in our community
are capable of generating income from
their own work and also have options
to invest across the globe.
Educate yourself, get opportunities,
enjoy the freedom, anywhere in the

Sustainable growth

Solid assets in Agricultural production,
local supply chains, global
marketplace, government
partnerships, blockchain accessibility.
Investing in new platforms that drive
the 5.0 Society, risk mitigation,
benefits for individuals and

Unique Services

From Education to Sustainable Agriculture Businesses

International Account

A free database account to access content,
educational programs, qualify for visa programs, open bank accounts and other


The quest of our communities; a program that
offer solutions to improve quality of life. Provides tools and answers questions like, “how to help my community, for me, for my friends, for the environment?” Each package (8 bit, 16 bit, 256 bit) has it own benefits.

Education Partnerships

We have partnerships with renowned educational institutions that provide free and paid content for our clients to use. Education is our premisse, and will also improve the client profile and help to qualify him for special products or projects.


Special discounts, offers, money transfers,
digital bank account, crypto account.

Social credit Analysis Loans

Unique algorithm that allows direct credit for
new qualified urban farmers, from 50% to 100%
financing of a project, at only 5% interest rate
per year.

Sustainable business fund

Apply directly for sustainable opportunities:
long-term share acquisitions, vesting contracts,
direct loans.

Game Changer - Pacotes de serviço

Pricing Table - Annual Plans


  • Invitation only
  • 1 Urban Farm loan
  • Digital Business
  • 240 Social Credit Analysis
  • 20% farm revenues


  • International business Bank Account
  • Digital Business
  • 24 Social Credit Analysis
  • Advanced Education
  • 5% commission earnings


  • International user account
  • 1 Social Credit Analysis
  • Basic Education
  • 1% commission earnings


  • International bank account
  • 8 Social Credit Analysis
  • Intermediate Education
  • 3% commission earnings
  • Shimejito Farms Basic


  • Biggest Potential Solution in Post Covid Period -Salto Network 2020
  • NUMANY – Top 6 Emergency Solutions 2020
  • Shortlist Sustainable Fast Track UK- 2020
  • Top 10 Start Up’s Circular For Good  – MIT 2019
  • Start of the day – Web Summit  – 2019
  • Winner best start up – Casa da America Latina – 2019
  • Winner Bridges to Innovation EMBRAPA – 2018



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